A crispy fairy tale


Every new day should be filled with pleasant impressions, and Riongo waffles will give them to you.

Riongo waffles have a unique and inimitable taste coming from a pure and passionate love for everything that is healthy and tasty. The thin, crispy, caramel flavored waffles will be your love at first bite. Mmm … the taste buds explode with delight and you shiver with pleasure…

Enrich your tastes and make the right choice!


Our buyers feedback

I adore waffles. I used to eat a large bag of chocolate waffles, but when I tried Riongo waffles, I stopped looking at other brands of waffles on supermarket shelves. Highly recommend!

 I was a little skeptical about the taste of Riongo waffles, but after trying them I was amazed! They are crispy and fluffy at the same time! Mega delicious!

Riongo waffles are perfect for a snack between meals or when you are in mood for something sweet. They have a quire reasonable amount of sugar, but, of course, if you do not get carried away. Go for it!


Our products

It all started with a simple question: “Are there sweet and tasty snacks, but really tasty and nutritious at the same time?” And we decided to find a solution. We set out to invent a sweet snack that you can enjoy at any time of the day and that will give you the energy you need.