What RIONGO tell us about?

We want our products to fill you with positive thoughts – like telling you the delightful stories, so we strive to constantly improve recipes to satisfy the tastes of each customer. And when you ask yourself what is the most delicious snack you have ever tasted, the first answer that comes to your mind is of course RIONGO waffles –  crispy, fluffy, with a lot of cream that can deliver a real gastronomic pleasure.

What are the ingredients in RIONGO waffles?

We carefully and purposefully select each of the ingredients in our products. We are looking for the highest quality ingredients, simple in composition, but with the highest nutritional value, allowing us to create recipes designed to win you over from the first bite and give you the feeling of fullness you need to continue your daily activities.

What technologies are used in the production process?

We use European production technologies that are more than 200 years old allowing us to produce waffles with a delicious crispy texture and creamy filling.

How the cream is added?

This operation requires dosing the amount of added cream and evenly distributing it over the surface of waffle crisps. The amount of cream to be filled between two waffle crisps depends on their profile, respectively, on the free spaces created by the pattern and on the height of the cream layer between the crisps.

As a rule, it is considered that two waffle crisps should lie as close to each other as possible, the thickness of the cream layer and the ratio of waffle / cream should be regulated by the indentations in the crust, thus affecting the required amount of cream.

I would like to receive more information about the products or the places to find Riongo waffles.

You can write to us at info@riongo.com or, even easier, on Facebook. We are always ready to provide additional information about all our delicious products.