About Riongo

Happiness can be found in a crispy delight.

History of Riongo

The word “waffles” comes from the type of dough used to make it. Crispy, well-baked, and very crunchy crust with a pronounced shape. The word “waffle” came from Germany, where it first appeared, and then passed on to other cultures. The Italians most accurately defined waffles as “a biscuit made of two thin baked and very crunchy layers filled with cream.”


Riongo History

Riongo waffles have an impeccable taste and conquer from the very first bite. Why? Because they are made with love for exquisite and noble sweets, and you can have them at any time of the day. 

Riongo waffles, also known as „pischinger”, are made according to traditional European recipes using the latest technology and only the best quality ingredients. All production processes are standardized in accordance with EU requirements. Hence the special taste of the waffles, and when simply compared to commercial products, the quality is the hallmark. 

We only use time-tested premium ingredients from selected suppliers who recognize and honor the same values and ideals as we do, namely the uniqueness of products with traditional flavors and impeccable quality. Riongo waffles are produced in the EU but will be sold worldwide.

It is immediately striking how real waffles resemble the taste of childhood. Riongo team has joined efforts and ingenuity to create a line of crispy MEGA waffles with lots of delicate cream to take you back to your childhood. It is enough to close your eyes and you will find yourself in that time, paying a visit to the child you used to be. Offer him or her delicious waffles with a unique taste. Now you can choose from many flavors of Riongo: coconut, hazelnut, chocolate and caramel or … maybe you want to try all of them? 



The main mission of Riongo is to promote and constantly improve the quality standards in the production of confectionery services and sweet products. Our goal is to strengthen our position at the local market, to expand and to develop by increasing the level of social responsibility so that our customers are always satisfied with the products we offer.



At the core of our business is our commitment to providing high quality confectionery services and products to our customers. We will continue combining wishes of our customers with our craftsmanship so that customers can enjoy the sweet snacks they desire! We will provide a new experience with a special and true taste for everyone! 

RIONGO waffles make memories!



Attitude and respect: In our business we are fair and responsible, taking care of our partners, customers, and staff.

Willingness to innovate: Innovation is our priority. In our activities, we are focused on the requirements and wishes of our customers and partners, we try to meet their needs.

Taking care of the delivered products: We focus on the quality and true taste of our products so that each delivered product gives a unique experience for those who like it.

Persistence and commitment: The use of safe and quality ingredients is the basic rule of our business. Every day we learn and acquire new skills to become the best at the market of sweet snacks.